BTLi's diversity
programs help people
work around their
conscious and
unconscious biases to
create value faster.

Organisational Improvement

We work with leadership teams to help them successfully lead changes in their organisations. We help leaders design and implement practical, down-to-earth improvement strategies and solutions. We work with leaders so they can tap into what really engages people. That means not simply the highly rational and logical. We help them move way past the formal language of management texts and the official language of memos - language that more often than not creates cynicism and fear. We help leaders develop organisations that balance the strategic with the operational, the creative with the pragmatic and are performance-focused but still compassionate.

Leadership Development

We provide leading edge leadership development that makes a real business difference. We develop leaders who can initiate and sustain significant improvement in their organisations.

Process Facilitation

We have highly experienced facilitators who work with teams and groups at all organisational levels to resolve organisational issues and improve team and organisational performance.

High Performance Team Development

We are skilled in helping teams focus on their core purpose and build on their existing strengths. We help them establish relationships and actions to ensure a positive contribution to their organisation's success while managing the natural tension between the individual and the collective.

Internal Consulting Skills Training

We provide practical and effective training to help people in specialist internal roles to use a consulting approach to have a greater impact on their clients' business issues.

Developing and Maintaining
Alliance Relationships

Alliance relationships are forming an increasingly important percentage of revenue for most organisations. In some large global organisations this can be 60% or more. In conjunction with a US-based alliance partner we provide training to help organisations make these relationships successful and sustainable.

Executive Coaching

Our experience in leading change both as senior managers and as consultants across a variety of sectors makes us well-placed to provide practical, down-to-earth coaching and mentoring to senior managers. We are comfortable whether talking to CEO's about strategy and implementation and the myriad relationships they have to manage or talking to a first time manager struggling with performance conversations and managing friends...

Next Generation (world-leading)
Diversity Training

Fish can't see water - they are too close to it. Just like fish we often cannot see all our prejudices and biases because we are too immersed in our lives and experiences that form our perceptions. How can we overcome prejudices we aren't aware of? BTLi's diversity programs help people work around their conscious and unconscious biases to create value faster. Our programs help to ensure that everyone has the capacity to contribute in a way that is satisfying, energising and releases the enormous hidden potential in our organisations.

Improving Organisation Capability in
Procurement, Program and Project Management

We train Review Team Members and Review Team Leaders and conduct Master Classes for Project Executives/Senior Responsible Owners to support the application of the OGC Gateway Review Process across Australia and New Zealand. The Gateway Review Process examines projects/programs at key stages of their life cycle to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage.