We have run programs
and workshops in a
Castle in Transylvania -
restructuring Romanian
Broadcasting - and
with Global leadership
teams on the Great Wall
of China.

Over the last 8 years our work has ranged from the simple to the complex, from the bizarre to the predictable...

We have worked with some of the world's iconic giants - Hewlett Packard, IBM, American Express, GE, NIKE, Agilent, Coca Cola, Ford Motor Company, Ericsson, Kellogg, Mars, and more...

We have run programs and workshops in a Castle in Transylvania (restructuring Romanian Broadcasting) and with Global leadership teams on the Great Wall of China in outer Mongolia. We've worked on every continent and in 40 different countries.

We have worked with many of Australia's leading and emerging organisations - Westpac, ANZ, Australian Paper, Monsanto, Telstra, Bendigo Bank, Medibank Private, St George Bank. We've also worked with some wonderful small companies passionately adding to Australia's economy and growing fast - including Dolphin Products, Thomson Real Estate, Alex Fraser Group.

We've worked with unions helping to create a paradigm shift in what they do and help them move to a collaborative rather than a confrontational model - Public Service Association NZ.

We've also worked in the public sector helping the ABC, Departments (State and Commonwealth) of Defence, Human Services, Health, Treasury and Finance, Infrastructure, Premier and Cabinet, Hospitals and State Water and Energy Utilities... to deliver more and better to the Australian community.

We have a passion for eduction and this has led us to work with TAFE organisations, Education departments and their regions, individual school communities, curriculum units...

We have worked with the world's most profound community builders - United Nations, UNICEF, WHO.

We've committed ourselves to a better world working in developing countries such as Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Botswana, Laos... where we have worked with locals and their governments in improving lives.

We've also had the privilege to work pro-bono with many community and arts organisations learning how passion alone drives many of us to do great things - Open Channel, Arts on Tour, Arts Access, Channel 31, Australian Film Commission.