Gateway Review Workshops

The OGC Gateway Review process provides a level of assurance to Project Executives and Senior Responsible Owners that their projects and programs can move forward successfully to the next stage. It is used extensively across all Australian state governments and the national governments of both Australia and the New Zealand.

BTLi provides OGC Gateway training for the Australian and New Zealand governments and for state and local governments across Australia. People trained by BTLi are able participate as Gateway reviewers in all these jurisdictions.

BTLi has been the primary provider of OGC Gateway training for Review Team Members and Review Team Leaders across Australia and New Zealand since 2003.

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The Review Team Member (RTM) Workshop.

The RTM workshop is a one-day practical training program designed around a realistic case study of a medium risk project.

How is the program structured?

The program is structured to guide participants through the Gateway Review Process. A series of sessions cover the primary principles and techniques of the Gateway Review Process. These enable participants to:

  • Evaluate project material related to each phase in a Gateway Review
  • Explore the appropriate approaches for that phase through activities and group discussion
  • Review and consolidate the learning for that phase, supported by facilitator-led discussion and prepared checklists
  • Discuss and apply Gateway Best Practice

What will the program cover?

Four Gateway Review elements are covered:

  • Gateway Best Practice
  • Planning for a Gateway Review
  • Undertaking a Gateway Review
  • Reporting on a Gateway Review

The Member to Leader (M2L) Workshop for
new Review Team Leaders.

The M2L workshop focuses on the shift required to step up from a Review Team Member role to that of a Gateway Review Team Leader.

How is the program structured?

The program recaps the key principles of the Gateway process and highlights the things that RTLs need to be particularly conscious of in leading a review.

Specific sessions include:

  • Recap of the Gateway process
  • Challenges of leading a Gateway review
  • The Role of the Review Team Leader
  • Panel session with experienced Review Team Leaders
  • Sharing experiences of best practice in Gateway reviews
  • Scenarios to apply the Gateway principles
  • Planning for your first RTL role

When will the next workshops take place?

Gateway RTM Workshops

Thursday 18 August, 2022 - Click here to join the waiting list
Wednesday 07 September, 2022 - Click here to register
Thursday 20 October, 2022 - Click here to register
Thursday 17 November, 2022 - Click here to register
Friday 09 December, 2022 - Click here to register

Gateway M2L Workshops

— in VIRTUAL M2L: 10.00am to 3.00pm
Friday 04 November, 2022 - Click here to register

Please contact Nigel Tanner on 0418 142 942
for costings of in-house workshops.

Need more information?

For all registration queries please call Mary Knowles on 0418 533 141

For further information about the workshops please call Nigel Tanner, Accredited Gateway Training Provider (Director of BTLi) on 0418 142 942

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