Clients tell us that our
knowledge in workplace
tranformation and
leadership development
has helped create
environments where
valuing others, mutual
support and exercising
discretionary effort
are a real part of
everyday life.

Winning organisations are filled with people who are prepared to give focused discretionary effort... to "go for it"... who are prepared to do more than the minimum required. This is the key to any organisation's success. Our expertise is in helping leaders and their people develop and focus this discretionary effort.

From our base in the Asia-Pacific Region and through strong and experienced alliance relationships we provide organisational transformation consulting, strategy implementation, leadership development and training and development in all major languages to organisations across the globe.

Our involvement with research into culture in the workplace, our experience with the application of its findings and our experience working across the globe provides a unique edge to our training and consulting assignments. We are known for the level of cultural sensitivity we bring to our international assignments.